Formula of life to live with happiness

Day of light after each dark night

Sunshine after each sunset

Joy comes after each sad

Stay tuned

I think this the formula of life to live as you like. Without faith and spirit unable reach the goal. Religious spirituality is nothing but is a point which gives us courage to live and fill that God will help us and make everything fine.

This is a mental energy provided by spirituality. If you don’t belief in God that you mean you are most untrusting person in the world and a most unsecure man in the world. If you don’t trust on anyone that means you alone in the world. In other world we say that spirituality is like trust on God. If one says that I am not belief in God that means how he will trust on other. So always keep distance from such type people.

On my starting I said that every good thing comes after each dark and this is the belief that gives us energy and ultimately this energy will take us up to that point of light.

So I said “stay tuned” and do your work with joy and faith in God. God will give us the appropriate result as we like.

Thanks for read this

Mahesh G.


Diabetes recovery Planning:

Diabetes recovery Planning:

1. Type 2 Diabetes Diet:  Make a diabetes meal plan with help from your health care team. Choose foods that are lower in calories, saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, and salt. Eat foods with more fiber, such as whole grain cereals, breads, crackers, rice, or pasta. Choose foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, bread and cereals, and low-fat or skim milk and cheese. Type 2 diabetes diet that is rich in fiber helps in slow absorption of sugar. This in turn helps to prevent postprandial blood sugar spikes.

2. Meal plans: In order to count carbohydrates, you must begin by knowing your meal plan and the average carbohydrate values of the food groups.

Food Amount Carbohydrate Grams
1% fat milk 1 cup 12
Bran Chex 2/3 cup 23
Frosted Flakes 3/4 cup 26
Raisin Bran 3/4 cup 28
bread/toast 1 slice 15
sugar. white table 1 teaspoon 4
pancakes – 4 inches 2 15
low-fat granola 1/2 cup 30
yogurt, fruited 1 cup 40
yogurt, fruit with NutraSweet fruit juice 1 cup 19
fruit juice 1/2 cup 15
banana 1/2 15
pancake syrup 2 tablespoons 30
light pancake sugar free syrup 2 tablespoons 4
Sample Breakfast One
Food Carbohydrate Grams
Fruit yogurt (with NutraSweet) 19
Cinnamon-sugar toast – 1 slice with 1 teaspoon sugar and one teaspoon margarine 19
Milk, 1/2 cup 6
Carbohydrate total = 44

3. Exercise: Although physical activity (PA) is a key element in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes, many with this chronic disease do not become or remain regularly active. High-quality studies establishing the importance of exercise and fitness in diabetes were lacking until recently, but it is now well established that participation in regular PA improves blood glucose control and can prevent or delay type2 diabetes, along with positively affecting lipids, blood pressure, cardiovascular events, mortality, and quality of life.

4.  Weight Management: Being overweight is the number one risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Even modest weight loss can help prevent type 2 diabetes from developing.

5.  Improving Sleep: Some research suggests that not getting enough sleep may impair insulin use and increase the risk for obesity. More research is needed, but it is always wise to improve sleep habits.

6. Water: Water is an essential part of dietary management of diabetes! Dehydration can and does worsen diabetic control. Approximately 75% of our body weight is water and water makes up over 80% of our brain and 90% of our blood. Water affects every major function in our body including regulating our body temperature, cushioning our joints, controlling the metabolic rate of our biochemical reactions (e.g., fat burning, digestion, and blood sugar regulation), transportation of nutrients and oxygen to our cells, and the removal of the body’s wastes.

In a study of 3,615 men and women with normal blood sugar levels at the start of the study, those who reported that they drank more than 34 ounces of water a day were 21% less likely to develop hyperglycemia over the next nine years than those who said they drank 16 ounces or less daily.

7. Vitamins and Minerals: Depending on the type of treatment regimen you use to control your diabetes, there are some vitamins and minerals that may be beneficial for your condition. ALA (alpha-lipoic acid), GLA (gamma-lipoic acid), Biotin, Carnitine (L-Carnitine, Acetyl L-Carnitine), Chromium, Coenzyme Q10, Inositol, Manganese, Magnesium, Niacin, Potassium, Taurine, Vanadium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc etc.

8. Medication’s Role in Diabetes Prevention: There are several different studies that show that various types of diabetes drugs, along with a healthy lifestyle, can reduce the risk of developing diabetes in a high-risk person.

What is mothers love?

The word Love is used in many ways to describe inner feelings of someone with other. It may love of father to their child, love of sister, love of wife, love of friends. From all of these mothers love has its own feelings.

“Truly when I say mom (Maa) my childhood come up to in my eyes and joy of maturity (adultness) fill me bitter.”

Written by great rhymester Dula Bhaya Kag.

This sentence tells us how deep the love of mother. When we said mom our childhood comes on our eyes and we fill guilty as a young. Why was grown up, why I am still not a child. Word mother, mom has greater fillings of love with magnanimity.

Love of mother not only in human being but also has identical in animals and insects. A poisonous scorpion does not have feeding option for their child and so she gives her body to their child, and their child grows by receiving their mom’s fluid and body and she died after sometime. In the same way group of cows travelling in forest for food and if lion rush toward them, they will gather and keep their kids in circle and give their own life to save their child. Like they saying to lion that please eat me and give life to my kid.

This is a love of mother to her child; she will offer her life for their child. Mother’s joy is her child; she looks toward her child constantly and smiling without any reason; child run and gives him big hug with lots of warmth and love. This is the moment of life we miss when we grows up. Feeling of mothers smile and hug is words supreme moments for us.

There are many historical examples represent the true love of mother.  Mother carries her child for 9 month in her womb and after feeling heavy pain she will alive her child and give birth. This is the power of mother that we live for 9 month without air and not a single place created by our greatest scientist to save us for a minute without air. This is the biggest example of Mothers love which is greater than the power of God.

When little boy playing in mothers hand and if she keep them away for a minute, he will cry and come back because child doesn’t want to go away from their mother because of her unconditional and supreme love. Child never sleeps without her mother; after hearing some songs and hearing voices from him, child will sleep. This love is a gift of God for the child. A child grows up and become young for a world but for a mother he is still a little boy whom she kiss and give her everything she has.

I try here but I don’t have words to symbolize the love of mother, it’s a moment to fill and enjoy.

Eating healthy food Limit your food intake

Some good quotes: health is wealth, prevention is better than cure etc. All these are effective if you are conscious about your diet and strictly follow the instruction of clean eating.

Dear friends to maintain your health and keep yourself happy some changes are needed in your food habits. You must limit intake of some foods. Today we discuss here about the foods to avoid or minimize the intake of these foods.

Mostly foods containing saturated fat, high salt, high sugar and alcohol. Foods with higher percentage of these ingredients will affect your health adversely. Some healthy tips will keep you healthier.

Limit eating foods higher in saturated fat like cakes, pizza, potato chips, processed meats, packed burgers, foods fried with oils, many biscuits and many other snacks fried in oils. Minimize use of foods processed in butter, cream, cooking oils like coconut and palm oils.

Limit eating of foods containing saturated fat, added salt, added sugars and alcohol and replace these with low fat foods.

Limit salt containing foods and drinks: For healthy life style use low salt, salt will increase your blood pressure. Read the labels to know how much sodium contains in the packed food and select lower sodium containing foods. Higher sodium intake will raise your blood pressure and effect adversely on your heart.

Limit sugar containing soft drinks: Avoid or minimize use of soft or energy drinks contains higher sugar. Many sports drinks, energy drinks etc contains added sugar and try to limit use of these drinks. Water is the best source to keep you hydrated.

Limit alcohol intake: minimize use of alcohol if you use it. Higher doses and continuous use of alcohol will effect adversely on Liver. For pregnant woman alcohol is not safe. If you are feeding mother than also avoid to use alcohol.

In my previous blog I mentioned some healthy tips on clean eating. Limiting use of above foods is also a part of clean eating. Clean eating promotes your health and as a medical professional I advise you “prevention is better than cure”. You expenses on your healthcare are big after you become ill. So try to maintain your health and avoid unwanted expenses and health problems. If you really honest about your health than stick on all these advises.

Clean eating is an Art

Clean eating is an Art

Cleat eating is not a diet plan to follow, but it is a process how to eat and when. Clean eating is a life style approach to food and how to prepare and it tells us eat food in natural way as much as possible. If you like mango than why you use mango juice, eat mango in its natural form as much as possible. Minimize process on food is an approach of clean eating.

When we say clean eating means good eating habits or smart eating

Some very important points for your clean eating

Variety of food:  Eat variety of grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, seeds, yogurt, juices in your smart dish. Varieties of foods give you verity of nutrients needed for your good and healthy life. Take food as per your requirement and eat variety of food to get all nutrients.

Timing of meal: Eat five to six times in a day rather eat full dish in two parts. Never inject your calorie requirement in a single dose. It will give you constant energy and you fill freshness round the clock.

Drink plenty of water : Drink more than two liters per day and drink water timely. Avoid drinking heavy single dose.

Eat seasonable foods: Eat seasonable foods, growing near you because nature will grows foods as your climate and you most follow this. More on this point read: Colourful dish with seasonable foods 

Avoid processed and refined foods: Use food in its row natural form, processed and refined food will change the natural composition of it. When you refine or boil the food chances of missing of some amount of ingredients from it. Salad of green vegetable gives more nutrients than boils one.

Avoid complex food: Avoid food contains more ingredients in it. More than two ingredients means it is processed food, man-made food. Eat row food as much as possible.

Aware about your choice: Your choice of food must be low in fat and sugar. Avoid fried food with high fat and avoid high sugar containing foods.

Conscious about portion size: Be aware about how much portion of each food in your diet. Calculate portion size as your real requirement.

Timing of food: Schedule your eating time and stick on it. Take lunch and dinner at standard time ones you fixed. Irregular timing will affect your health.

Share your views in family: Clean eating is not a personal matter so share with your love ones and family member to make them aware about it.

Enjoy your food: Eat food slowly without any rush. Chew food and enjoy taste of each ingredient and enjoy your dish.

All these are healthy tips to make you aware about clean eating and you will add your own logic as per your physical condition and diet requirement. Dieting is different than clean eating. Clan eating is an art and how clever are you in eating has important for healthy life.

Food is necessary for our life but if you enable to handle it properly than it will creates problem for you.

Enjoy your diet

How to learn

Learning is a continuous process

Knowledge has not limits and learning is a process of creating knowledge. School education is a part of learning. In schools you learn how to learn but process of learning is mainly from experience. Learning without experience is education.  For knowledge sky is the limit. A baby learns from his mom how to eat, how to talk. Little baby start his learning from family and it is continues to reach the highest he can.

Educated means they have degree from university but when we say they learn lots means knowledge they have.

If you have learning mind than only you increase your knowledge and skill. If you stop your learning process and you think that it’s enough for you that means your progress will stop from here.

As a best learner you need focus on below points.

Observing mind:

observe events happening surround you and learn best from them.

Ask question:

If you any question as them if any suspicion created in your mind.

Learn from others behavior:

everybody has their own style of work and representation. Many unique ideas you get from very common man.

Learn from famous person biography:

We learn many things from famous person biography and from their stories.

Learn from your Experience:

Best way of learning is from your experience.You will deal nicely if learn from your past and it needs timely evaluation of yourself and your activity.

Everybody likes perfection in their work and behaviour and it will come from learning. When a teacher said to their student that you learn this chapter today, it means what teacher teaches them now they must learn them. Learning can’t be given by education. Learning is inner power of person to improve their knowledge. If you not learn from experience or from your surroundings than you will made same mistakes that you made in your past.

Do your work and reduce your weight

Overweight is the main concern in today’s fast lifestyle. Use of junk foods was created big problem now a days. There are many ways to reduce your weight and market is full of such type of materials.  To sell their product companies also in big race to get benefit of this situation.

Some common ways that everybody familiar with like do exercise regularly, attend gym, healthy eating style, avoid use of fatty foods, running, walking in early morning, games, swimming etc.

But main concern is how many people follow all these things.

Today I like to discuss very simple and handy style to reduce your weight. If you don’t have extra time or due to your laziness if you are unable do some of above activities than follow the very simple ways to reduce your weight.

In first step you list out the activities you do in your routine life, at work place, at home or any other place. Now list out activities where you use automatic instrument to help you like use of vehicles, use of lift etc.

Secondly list out the activities that you do with the help of others; like when you are on dining table who will  serve you, who will give glass of water in your office, who will share your files in your office, who will iron your clothes at home, who will watering your garden etc.

Now go on your list and think very gently that from both lists how many activities are there you able to do without the help of any mechanical instrument or other people? Like in place of using vehicle will it possible that you do that work by some walking or in place using lift use ladder. How many times these possible without disturbing your work.

Can you able do your work by yourself without help of others like why you need a helper to give you a glass of water in office; can you iron your cloth by yourself?

The main aim of all this is to change your life style in which you do your work as much as possible. These all things not only consume your extra calories but keep your independent from others.

Ones you started to work on this than definitely you will obtain result.