Clean eating is an Art

Clean eating is an Art

Cleat eating is not a diet plan to follow, but it is a process how to eat and when. Clean eating is a life style approach to food and how to prepare and it tells us eat food in natural way as much as possible. If you like mango than why you use mango juice, eat mango in its natural form as much as possible. Minimize process on food is an approach of clean eating.

When we say clean eating means good eating habits or smart eating

Some very important points for your clean eating

Variety of food:  Eat variety of grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, seeds, yogurt, juices in your smart dish. Varieties of foods give you verity of nutrients needed for your good and healthy life. Take food as per your requirement and eat variety of food to get all nutrients.

Timing of meal: Eat five to six times in a day rather eat full dish in two parts. Never inject your calorie requirement in a single dose. It will give you constant energy and you fill freshness round the clock.

Drink plenty of water : Drink more than two liters per day and drink water timely. Avoid drinking heavy single dose.

Eat seasonable foods: Eat seasonable foods, growing near you because nature will grows foods as your climate and you most follow this. More on this point read: Colourful dish with seasonable foods 

Avoid processed and refined foods: Use food in its row natural form, processed and refined food will change the natural composition of it. When you refine or boil the food chances of missing of some amount of ingredients from it. Salad of green vegetable gives more nutrients than boils one.

Avoid complex food: Avoid food contains more ingredients in it. More than two ingredients means it is processed food, man-made food. Eat row food as much as possible.

Aware about your choice: Your choice of food must be low in fat and sugar. Avoid fried food with high fat and avoid high sugar containing foods.

Conscious about portion size: Be aware about how much portion of each food in your diet. Calculate portion size as your real requirement.

Timing of food: Schedule your eating time and stick on it. Take lunch and dinner at standard time ones you fixed. Irregular timing will affect your health.

Share your views in family: Clean eating is not a personal matter so share with your love ones and family member to make them aware about it.

Enjoy your food: Eat food slowly without any rush. Chew food and enjoy taste of each ingredient and enjoy your dish.

All these are healthy tips to make you aware about clean eating and you will add your own logic as per your physical condition and diet requirement. Dieting is different than clean eating. Clan eating is an art and how clever are you in eating has important for healthy life.

Food is necessary for our life but if you enable to handle it properly than it will creates problem for you.

Enjoy your diet


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