How to learn

Learning is a continuous process

Knowledge has not limits and learning is a process of creating knowledge. School education is a part of learning. In schools you learn how to learn but process of learning is mainly from experience. Learning without experience is education.  For knowledge sky is the limit. A baby learns from his mom how to eat, how to talk. Little baby start his learning from family and it is continues to reach the highest he can.

Educated means they have degree from university but when we say they learn lots means knowledge they have.

If you have learning mind than only you increase your knowledge and skill. If you stop your learning process and you think that it’s enough for you that means your progress will stop from here.

As a best learner you need focus on below points.

Observing mind:

observe events happening surround you and learn best from them.

Ask question:

If you any question as them if any suspicion created in your mind.

Learn from others behavior:

everybody has their own style of work and representation. Many unique ideas you get from very common man.

Learn from famous person biography:

We learn many things from famous person biography and from their stories.

Learn from your Experience:

Best way of learning is from your experience.You will deal nicely if learn from your past and it needs timely evaluation of yourself and your activity.

Everybody likes perfection in their work and behaviour and it will come from learning. When a teacher said to their student that you learn this chapter today, it means what teacher teaches them now they must learn them. Learning can’t be given by education. Learning is inner power of person to improve their knowledge. If you not learn from experience or from your surroundings than you will made same mistakes that you made in your past.


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