Do your work and reduce your weight

Overweight is the main concern in today’s fast lifestyle. Use of junk foods was created big problem now a days. There are many ways to reduce your weight and market is full of such type of materials.  To sell their product companies also in big race to get benefit of this situation.

Some common ways that everybody familiar with like do exercise regularly, attend gym, healthy eating style, avoid use of fatty foods, running, walking in early morning, games, swimming etc.

But main concern is how many people follow all these things.

Today I like to discuss very simple and handy style to reduce your weight. If you don’t have extra time or due to your laziness if you are unable do some of above activities than follow the very simple ways to reduce your weight.

In first step you list out the activities you do in your routine life, at work place, at home or any other place. Now list out activities where you use automatic instrument to help you like use of vehicles, use of lift etc.

Secondly list out the activities that you do with the help of others; like when you are on dining table who will  serve you, who will give glass of water in your office, who will share your files in your office, who will iron your clothes at home, who will watering your garden etc.

Now go on your list and think very gently that from both lists how many activities are there you able to do without the help of any mechanical instrument or other people? Like in place of using vehicle will it possible that you do that work by some walking or in place using lift use ladder. How many times these possible without disturbing your work.

Can you able do your work by yourself without help of others like why you need a helper to give you a glass of water in office; can you iron your cloth by yourself?

The main aim of all this is to change your life style in which you do your work as much as possible. These all things not only consume your extra calories but keep your independent from others.

Ones you started to work on this than definitely you will obtain result.


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