Wish you all happy Navratri ( nine nights to pray Goddess Durga)

From today onwards Navratri(Nine night for praying Goddess Durga) festival started in India and will go on for nine day. Today Goddess Durga’s picture was established in big ground and in temples where their followers will pray daily and all nine nights they celebrating by devotional dance and singing poems about Goddess.

There are three different faces of Goddess for pray
  • First three days: Goddess Durga (face of Power)
  • Second three days: Goddess Lakshmi (face of money)
  • Third three days: Goddess Saraswati (Face of knowledge)


This festival is celebrated in India and abroad where Indian origin peoples are living. Some people pray Goddess by take only water during these nine days and they live without any food. This is a festival of Goddess power.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also takes only liquid food during these nine days. He is on visit of USA from tomorrow and he will take only water during his visit of United State of America.

I also just come from the ground where our society celebrates this festival. This is the festival in which I participate in all nine days and night.

Wish Godess Durga will give you and your family healthy and happy life.

Wish you all happy Navratri( nine night for pray of Goddess Durga)


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