Healthy eating: colourful dish with seasonable food

Clean and healthy eating

Dish with full of colors

Dish with seasonable fruits and vegetables

For healthy life there are many points you have to follow in your diet. Today I want to focus on colors of food you eat. How tasty you are eating is not has any nutritional important but what you eating is important. When you are on a dining table and you saw that your dish is full of items, now take your time and think and count how many colors are there in your food dish.

More colors in your dish more the nutrients’ in your dish. Different colors have their own nutritional value. For healthy eating always add different colored food in your diet. Your dish must be full of all colors.

Two most important points for Clean and healthy eating style

  • Dish with full of color
  • Dish with seasonable fruits and vegetables

Second other important thing is always eat seasonable vegetable and fruits. Nature gives us what we need more in that particular season. Nature is producing fruits and vegetables as per our body’s requirement for that particular season.  If we like to eat which is not produced in that season than it will not only costly for us but it is also not advisable to eat in that season in quantity.

Mango fruits are available in summer and in the same way leafy vegetables available in winter.  So you must eat that in proper amount in that season.

In winter utilize vegetable and fruits which are grow naturally in winter. In summer eat which are grows in summer.

For healthy eating habit you will take care that your dish must be colorful and with seasonable vegetables and fruits.



  1. There are orange and lemon trees in my front yard and a key lime tree in the back yard. The only months we can’t grow most fruits and veggies in North Florida are January through March. But that’s when the citrus fruit is ready to pick.

    With so many genetically modified foods, it’s harder and harder to eat right.

    I wish I could eat colorful foods, and I’m expanding my diet past yogurt and raw/unfiltered honey. But I’m still not able to eat the broccoli/cabbage kinds of foods at all–and beans or green peppers in quantities larger than a few bits for flavor in soups and casseroles. Once in a while I can get away with leaf lettuce. I haven’t given up trying! 🙂

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  2. પિંગબેક: Clean eating is an Art | maheshdan

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