Medication Prescription Error

Hello friends when you visit medical care center whether you read your medicine prescription carefully. If no than please keep your eyes on this subject also. It will helpful to you from avoiding unwanted injury or problem caused by Prescription error. You must understand this topic carefully to avoid this problem. You are medical professional than this article will must important for you.

Prescription error also called medication error caused by medical staff which was avoidable by them. These manmade errors cause serious problems sometimes.  It is very important to avoid these types’ errors as much as possible. 100% accuracy is not possible but these errors will be minimized if proper care will be taken by doctor and staff.

In developing and under- develop countries this problem is more common.

Most commonly observed medical errors are in selecting the route of administration, form of drug, type of medicine, duplicate medicine and poor handwriting will cause misspell in reading. Some these prescriptions error made by doctors were corrected at pharmacy level but if error made by nursing staff than it is very difficult to correct them. Prescription error cause at different level by:

  • Admin staff
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Other

Documentation error caused by admin staff while writing patient name, age, sex, address, weight ,date etc. It is very important that medical practitioner will write prescription in well readable hand writing with proper dosage form, timing of dosage and frequency.

There are many factors cause this type of errors. Most common are mentioned below.

  • Lack of knowledge of prescribing skills.
  • Lack of pharmacological knowledge of physicians and nurses.
  • Poor compliance with drug prescribing and administration guidelines.
  • Lack of reporting of MEs.
  • Poor hand writing by physicians
  • Heavy workload and new staff.
  • Miscommunications between health care professionals.
  • Stressful condition of medical staff cause medical error
  • Dispensing of medicine by unskilled man power
  • Attention slips

To avoid all this things it is very important that always follow standard hospital procedures. Before giving any medicine to patient it is important that first document all the medicines due to this some prescription error was diagnosed and corrected at nursing and pharmacy level.

Sometimes patient’s consciousness will also helpful in avoiding documentation error.


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