Be happy anyway

Big smile from a running nose

Five day ago in the morning I was checking my mails and posts on social media; I found a best comment from my friend about his 4 year old son.  Little boy said “daddy look tears come out from my nose”. A very sweet and funny comment comes from a little child because he was suffering from cold and watery nose.

To get smile on your face, it’s very easy just look toward your surrounding you find that many funny stuff happening near you. It’s not necessary that someone comes and gives funny comments and you will smile.

If you try to make yourself funny and happy than you will get it from very small things about them you never think.  I heard many times from big comedians that they learn most of from the activities happening near them, mostly in their family and in friend groups. They create jokes from them and give us. We only need vision to understand it.

You create comedy from your friend’s way of talking, way of walking, eating style even how they propose and failed in that propose. It’s not necessary every time they pass in their attempt. Free and frank discussion with your friends or co-workers will also create lots of fun and all this things relieves your stress and keep you more funny and healthy.

What I am saying is not fit on every condition but if you think very sharply than you found that there are lots of happiness and joy flying surrounding you like free air. Just you require observing eyes and free mind to learn from them.

When you walking on the road and saw that two cats were fighting and suddenly they saw you and run away in a same way like they are good friends, like husband and wife fighting and someone ring the bell. All these are very funny.

Now go on the top where I mentioned about a little boy; daily from last five day I see him in garden near my house and the speech he made is come in my mind and it force me to smile.

Keep smiling


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