Healthy tips to keep you mentally and physically fit

In this fast and stressful world, it is important to keep yourself stress free and healthy. To improve your life style here are some tips to follow.
• Games: games are important for maintain yourself mentally and physically fit. Games make you more social and it will improve your presence in society.
• Yoga: yoga is a most important part of healthy life style. To maintain respiratory and digestive track healthier yoga play important role. Kapal Bharti, Anulom-Vilom etc makes you healthier and influences you towards the God.
• Healthy eating Habits: it means eat low spicy, low salty and low fat contains foods. Eat more vegetables, fruits, eat high fibrous food.
Maintain your time table for taking lunch and dinner. Irregular timing creates digestive problems.

• Give time to family and children: To keep you mentally relaxed it is important to give time to your children and family. It will release your stress and make you more joyful.
• Create positive attitude: Positive attitude give you more friends and ultimately it will be turn your life more social and stress free.
• Exercise : do exercise every day

One can achieve his goals and maintain healthy life if he will be follow the tiny ideas. If you are conscious about all these small things than you are able to avoid big problems. All big social or health related problems created by ignoring small things.

“Health is wealth” this sentence teaches us how the health is important. It is very important that in this fast word your real wealth is health and it has towering important.

With good wishes




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