Show must go on

Show must go on

This is a dialogue of famous Indian movie “Joker” by star actor Rajkapoor who passes away many years ago. He played a role of joker in that film. The dialogue was said when he was going to play his role as a joker in circus to entertain the people and heard news few minutes ago that his mother was passes away. When his co-actor appeals him to leave the show but he said “show must go on” and he played his role.

With the full of gloomy heart, he played his role as a joker and entertain the audience.

This dialogue is in reel but it teaches us how to react in real life; this dialogue itself has high motivation to live. Struggle in life, unlikely events, problems, frauds all these things are part of our life but we must continue on our path without interrupted by these all.

I am also watching movies for entertainment and many times some dialogue will give us the way of living the life. Movies are mirror and emotion of society. Every movie has some good points to learn.

Never think negatively but perform your role for the society, this is the ultimate goal of life. Everyone has their own role in real life and you maybe actor or maybe joker.

There are many things are not in our hand but we must face them without any fear or question to God.

In your life many friends, happiness, sad, emotional events, challenges are comes and goes but you must stay on your goal and perform your duty. The holly book Geeta’s main theme is to do your work without any expectation of result and God will give you appropriate result.

Good time and bad time comes in your life cycle but your step never sleeps from the way.


Happiness and Success

Always we all are talking about happiness. I have some questions about this. I want answers from you all, answer truthfully.

  1. Which is more important in your life whether Happiness or Success?
  2. Can every successful men is happy in their life?
  3. How many you compromise with your happiness to make you successful?
  4. Will success makes you happy?
  5. Whether Happiness is success?

From both words which has more important in your life. When you listing your goals whether any time you listed word “happiness” in your diary and schedule your program on the basis of this. Success is very important in our life and every man tries his best to become a successful. No one wants word looser for him.

Wish all you concentrate on these very genuine questions.

Waiting for your replies

How to learn

Learning is a continuous process

Knowledge has not limits and learning is a process of creating knowledge. School education is a part of learning. In schools you learn how to learn but process of learning is mainly from experience. Learning without experience is education.  For knowledge sky is the limit. A baby learns from his mom how to eat, how to talk. Little baby start his learning from family and it is continues to reach the highest he can.

Educated means they have degree from university but when we say they learn lots means knowledge they have.

If you have learning mind than only you increase your knowledge and skill. If you stop your learning process and you think that it’s enough for you that means your progress will stop from here.

As a best learner you need focus on below points.

Observing mind:

observe events happening surround you and learn best from them.

Ask question:

If you any question as them if any suspicion created in your mind.

Learn from others behavior:

everybody has their own style of work and representation. Many unique ideas you get from very common man.

Learn from famous person biography:

We learn many things from famous person biography and from their stories.

Learn from your Experience:

Best way of learning is from your experience.You will deal nicely if learn from your past and it needs timely evaluation of yourself and your activity.

Everybody likes perfection in their work and behaviour and it will come from learning. When a teacher said to their student that you learn this chapter today, it means what teacher teaches them now they must learn them. Learning can’t be given by education. Learning is inner power of person to improve their knowledge. If you not learn from experience or from your surroundings than you will made same mistakes that you made in your past.

Do your work and reduce your weight

Overweight is the main concern in today’s fast lifestyle. Use of junk foods was created big problem now a days. There are many ways to reduce your weight and market is full of such type of materials.  To sell their product companies also in big race to get benefit of this situation.

Some common ways that everybody familiar with like do exercise regularly, attend gym, healthy eating style, avoid use of fatty foods, running, walking in early morning, games, swimming etc.

But main concern is how many people follow all these things.

Today I like to discuss very simple and handy style to reduce your weight. If you don’t have extra time or due to your laziness if you are unable do some of above activities than follow the very simple ways to reduce your weight.

In first step you list out the activities you do in your routine life, at work place, at home or any other place. Now list out activities where you use automatic instrument to help you like use of vehicles, use of lift etc.

Secondly list out the activities that you do with the help of others; like when you are on dining table who will  serve you, who will give glass of water in your office, who will share your files in your office, who will iron your clothes at home, who will watering your garden etc.

Now go on your list and think very gently that from both lists how many activities are there you able to do without the help of any mechanical instrument or other people? Like in place of using vehicle will it possible that you do that work by some walking or in place using lift use ladder. How many times these possible without disturbing your work.

Can you able do your work by yourself without help of others like why you need a helper to give you a glass of water in office; can you iron your cloth by yourself?

The main aim of all this is to change your life style in which you do your work as much as possible. These all things not only consume your extra calories but keep your independent from others.

Ones you started to work on this than definitely you will obtain result.

Healthy eating: colourful dish with seasonable food

Clean and healthy eating

Dish with full of colors

Dish with seasonable fruits and vegetables

For healthy life there are many points you have to follow in your diet. Today I want to focus on colors of food you eat. How tasty you are eating is not has any nutritional important but what you eating is important. When you are on a dining table and you saw that your dish is full of items, now take your time and think and count how many colors are there in your food dish.

More colors in your dish more the nutrients’ in your dish. Different colors have their own nutritional value. For healthy eating always add different colored food in your diet. Your dish must be full of all colors.

Two most important points for Clean and healthy eating style

  • Dish with full of color
  • Dish with seasonable fruits and vegetables

Second other important thing is always eat seasonable vegetable and fruits. Nature gives us what we need more in that particular season. Nature is producing fruits and vegetables as per our body’s requirement for that particular season.  If we like to eat which is not produced in that season than it will not only costly for us but it is also not advisable to eat in that season in quantity.

Mango fruits are available in summer and in the same way leafy vegetables available in winter.  So you must eat that in proper amount in that season.

In winter utilize vegetable and fruits which are grow naturally in winter. In summer eat which are grows in summer.

For healthy eating habit you will take care that your dish must be colorful and with seasonable vegetables and fruits.

Wish you all happy Navratri ( nine nights to pray Goddess Durga)

From today onwards Navratri(Nine night for praying Goddess Durga) festival started in India and will go on for nine day. Today Goddess Durga’s picture was established in big ground and in temples where their followers will pray daily and all nine nights they celebrating by devotional dance and singing poems about Goddess.

There are three different faces of Goddess for pray
  • First three days: Goddess Durga (face of Power)
  • Second three days: Goddess Lakshmi (face of money)
  • Third three days: Goddess Saraswati (Face of knowledge)


This festival is celebrated in India and abroad where Indian origin peoples are living. Some people pray Goddess by take only water during these nine days and they live without any food. This is a festival of Goddess power.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also takes only liquid food during these nine days. He is on visit of USA from tomorrow and he will take only water during his visit of United State of America.

I also just come from the ground where our society celebrates this festival. This is the festival in which I participate in all nine days and night.

Wish Godess Durga will give you and your family healthy and happy life.

Wish you all happy Navratri( nine night for pray of Goddess Durga)

Learn how to live with diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes: Health Recovery Plan

Diabetes type 2 is very common now a day. Everyone can live with this nicely if they will take little care and follow the below mentioned points in their life style. These all are very simple points and are helpful to everyone.

A healthy lifestyle will help you to get and maintain healthy weight, manage your blood glucose, reduce your high blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve your frame of mind.

Learn how to live with diabetes

  • Cope with your diabetes
  • Eat well daily
  • Be active in routine life
  • Know what to do every day- schedule your routine
  • Talk to your health care team.
  • Actions you can take – List out your actions you have to take

Know your diabetes ABCs.

1. A for the A1C test (A-one-C): The A1C is a blood test that measures your average blood sugar level over the past three months. It is different from the blood sugar checks you do each day.

2. B for Blood pressure: The blood pressure goal for most people with diabetes is below 130/80.

3. C for Cholesterol: There are two kinds of cholesterol in your blood: LDL and HDL.

LDL or “bad” cholesterol can build up and clog your blood vessels. It can cause a heart attack or stroke.

HDL or “good” cholesterol helps remove the “bad” cholesterol from your blood vessels.

Diabetes recovery plan aim:

  • Keeping Your Blood Glucose Level at Normal Levels
  • To Reduce Other Risk Factors
  • To Detect and Treat Any Complications Promptly

DIABETES Recovery Plan:

1. Type 2 Diabetes Diet

  • Consume plenty of fibre
  • Stick to Vegetarian diet that is low on fat
  • Mediterranean type 2 diabetes diet plan

2. Meal plans:

  • Controlling all carbohydrates
  • healthy meal plan

3. Exercise

  • Fuel metabolism during exercise
  • Fuel mobilization, glucose production, and muscle glycogenolysis
  • Insulin-independent and insulin-dependent muscle glucose uptake during exercise

4. Weight Management: Being overweight is the number one risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Even modest weight loss can help prevent type 2 diabetes from developing.

5. Improving Sleep: Some research suggests that not getting enough sleep may impair insulin use and increase the risk for obesity.

6. Water: Water is an essential part of dietary management of diabetes! Dehydration can and does worsen diabetic control.

7. Vitamins and Minerals: Depending on the type of treatment regimen you use to control your diabetes, there are some vitamins and minerals that may be beneficial for your condition.

8. Medication’s Role in Diabetes Prevention: There are several different studies that show that various types of diabetes drugs, along with a healthy lifestyle, can reduce the risk of developing diabetes in a high-risk person.